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Important Information for PAs

We are NOT an agency or the employer and being on PA Finder does not necessarily guarantee that you will be offered work. We act as a liaison between the person looking for a PA and you.

Each employer who interviews you will assess your suitability for the role and take up your references. Because each employer and each vacancy is unique, you must be sure to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have about the role at your interview. You will be required to provide your employer with the relevant information for tax and National Insurance purposes, and provide evidence of your right to work in the United Kingdom.

Employers routinely provide us with feedback on the candidates they interview.

We expect a professional respect for the work of Personal Assistants from all our applicants - even before they have been offered a job.

If we are notified that you have failed to attend an arranged interview without telephoning your apologies we will consider removing your profile from PA Finder - even if it happens only once.

You must keep us up to date with any changes that affect your ability to work as a PA. We count on you to let us know if your circumstances change - for example, you have started work as a PA and your hours of availability have changed, if your details have changed, or if you are no longer available to work as a PA. You can always apply to re-join at a later date.