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This resource page provides useful information for current PAs or PAs looking for work. If you are aware of any additional resources that you think may benefit others, then please Contact Us and let us know.

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Resources for a PA

If you are a PA or considering becoming a PA, the following resources will provide you with information and things you need to consider.

  • Employed or Self-Employed - Understand the differences between being employed as a PA or working as a self-employed PA.
  • Application Forms and CVs - You will respond to adverts with an application form or a CV. Either way it's important to ensure you include the correct information.
  • Suitability to Work Checks - Make sure that you are eligible and have the correct documentation to work in the UK. Dependent on the role you will be undertaking, you may be required to have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check (formerly CRB check).
  • Statement of Employment Particulars and Contract for Services - Learn more about what formal agreements you should expect or have in place whilst being a PA.
  • Induction and Probation Period - The person that you work for should provide you with an induction to ensure that you fully understand the job role including providing training on specialist equipment. Although a probation period is not necessary, it is still good practise to have an agreed trial period to ensure that both you and the person you're working for are happy with the new working relationship.
  • Insurances - Make sure that appropriate insurance policies are in place before you start work.
  • Training - You may be eligible for free training such as manual handling and food hygiene that you should consider attending. Other training opportunities may also benefit you in your role as a PA.