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You are not required, by law, to have any insurance policies in place when using a PA who is self-employed. However, you are expected to provide a safe working environment for your PA and should consider having some insurances in place.

Home Contents Insurance

Whether you are using a PA or not, it is good practise and recommended to have household contents insurance in place. This insurance is designed to protect the possessions in your home against loss or damage. The 'accidental damage' aspect of the policy can protect you if your Personal Assistant breaks or damages something belonging to you.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Although it's extremely unlikely, a dispute with your Personal Assistant could lead them to pursue legal action against you. If this happens, taking on lawyers to defend your interests can be extremely costly.

Legal expenses insurance is designed to cover such costs. Often, an element of Legal Expenses insurance is included as part of another insurance policy, so check this before you look for separate cover.

PA Public Liability Insurance

Anyone working as self-employed should have Public Liability insurance which covers the duties that they will do within their work. You should find out if your PA has their own Public Liability insurance in place so that, if anything were to happen whilst they worked for you, they are personally covered. For example, if your self-employed person was pushing you in your wheelchair and accidentally knocked into someone and injured them, the person would claim against your PA and not you.

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