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Payroll and Employer Contributions

Congratulations... well we're assuming you've come to this page because you've employed someone new and you need to know about how you'll pay them and what contributions you, as an employer, need to think about.

As an employer you will be expected to manage regular payments to your employee including deducting any tax or National Insurance contributions, student loans, pension contributions, etc. These type of payments are referred to as 'payroll'.

Although you could manage your payroll yourself, it is complicated and time consuming. An easier way of managing this is to use a Payroll Management service. These service providers will support you to manage your payments including undertaking all of the HMRC related tasks such as working out and deducting tax and employee contributions before paying your employee direct in to their bank account.

If you have any questions, would like some support with payroll and employee contributions or would like further information and advice about Payroll Management services, please Contact Us.

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