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Job Descriptions and Personal Specifications

What do you want the PA to do?

Before you do anything, you need to spend some time thinking about exactly what you require a PA to do. A major factor to consider is how you'll be paying for your PA and whether this limits you to particular areas of support. For example, if you are in receipt of funding from your Local Authority or NHS, then you will already have agreed with your care practitioner what support you need.

You should think about the areas of your life that you need help with. Try and do this in a list form putting the things you need the most help with at the top and those that would be nice at the bottom. When you are writing this list, also think about what tasks are really important to you or require particular skills and experience.

So, what exactly is a Job Description?

A job description is a document that explains information about your job role. This would normally start with the job title, hours of work, location of work and the rate of pay. You would then provide a description of the job in more detail. This might include some background about you and list some of the duties and tasks that are key to the role. It might also indicate the level of experience or qualifications that you require your PA to have.

Your job description might also include information about work patterns (particular days/times), annual leave entitlement and any other benefits (pension, training, etc.). You should also include if a DBS check may be required for this role.

We have provided template job descriptions below that can be downloaded and amended. There are templates for people employing PAs for themselves, a 3rd party or a parent/carer employing a PA to work with a child.

And what is a Person Specification?

A person specification is a document that clearly defines the key skills needed to do your role. These are often set out under the headings of qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, and, sometimes personal qualities which your PA needs to have in order to perform the job duties. It will often identify which key skills are essential and those that are desirable.

We have provided an example of a person specification which you can download and amend below.

Combining your Job Description and Person Specification

You may find that you can combine your job description and person specification in to one document that covers all the areas identified above. This would be the case if you're only looking for a PA to do a few hours a week or one particular duty. If you're requiring a PA to do a variety of duties and/or work with you for many hours each week then we suggest having both a job description and a person specification.

We have provided an example of a combined job description and person specification which you can download and amend below.

If you would like more information or support with regard to writing your job description and person specification, please Contact Us.


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