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As an employer, you are required to take out particular insurance policies to protect you and your PA whilst they are working with you. Failure to hold some policies may result in you receiving a penalty.

Employers' Liability Insurance

You are required, by law, to have Employers' Liability insurance in place for when your PA starts working for you. The policy must cover you for at least £5 million and come from an authorised insurer.

If you are in receipt of funding from your Local Authority or NHS, then the cost of this insurance may be covered within your funding package.

Employers' Liability insurance will help you pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you. The policy also protects you if the PA causes an accident or injury to someone else whilst they're in your employment. It would protect you, for example, if your Personal Assistant:

  • trips and falls down stairs whilst doing your housework and injures their back
  • has an accident whilst doing your shopping
  • injures someone else by running in to the back of them with your wheelchair

You can be fined £1,000 if you do not display your Employers/ Liability certificate or refuse to make it available to inspectors when they ask. In addition, you can be fined £2,500 every day you are not properly insured so it is important to keep this cover up to date.

There are many insurance providers available so you might choose to shop around for a good price. Some insurance providers have specific policies for employing someone in your own home, if you would like further information about these then please Contact Us.

Alternatively, the internet has a few comparison services that you might like to use before going direct to any one particular provider. If you are not comfortable finding your own insurance then you can use an insurance broker who will source suitable insurance cover for you.

Home Contents Insurance

This is designed to protect the possessions in your home against loss or damage. The accidental damage aspect of the policy can protect you if your Personal Assistant breaks or damages something belonging to you.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Although it's extremely unlikely, a dispute with your Personal Assistant could lead to them taking you to an Employment Tribunal. If this happens, taking on lawyers to defend your interests can be extremely costly.

Legal expenses insurance is designed to cover such costs. Often, an element of Legal Expenses insurance is included as part of another insurance policy, so check this before you look for separate cover.

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