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Induction and Probation Period


Once you have set a start date for your new PA, you should plan some time at the start to provide them with a formal induction.

An induction can vary in length and yours will depend on how many duties or how much training you'll need to provide to your PA. The induction will include providing the PA with any necessary training on how to use specific equipment (hoists, bath lifts, etc) and information on other support such as any dietary needs, any medical information or support you'll need, specific support requirements, any travelling requirements that they should be aware of, etc.

It is good practise to do the induction on the first day/first few days and to have it completed within the first 4 weeks of employment.

Probation Period

It is good practise to include a clause for a probation period within your Statement of Employment Particulars document.

The probation period is a set period of time at the beginning of the contract which has slightly different terms and conditions of employment (such as shorter notice periods, limited entitlements, etc). It is often referred to as the trial period and it would typicaly last between 3 and 6 months but can be extended with the agreement of both you and your PA.

Even if you've been thorough throughout the recruitment process, neither of you know whether the job is going to be the right one. Probation periods allow both you and your employer to get to know each other and learn whether you're compatible and likely to have a long working relationship with each other.

During the employment term, but more frequently during the probation period, you should carry out regular supervision meetings with your PA. These meetings should be to discuss the role, general performance including setting new objectives/targets and recognise where further training is required. It is important to record these meetings and provide a copy of them to your PA and for you to review any objectives/targets at the next meeting. Doing this will ensure that you have evidence of demonstrating that you have made every effort to improve performance if you choose to terminate the PA's employment at the end of the probation period.

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