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Adverts and Advertising

There are many ways of writing your job advert and these will vary depending on where you are going to advertise your vacancy, so decide where you are going to advertise first.

Similar to the job description, you should look at examples to see what other people write as this will give you an idea of what to include. In all cases, it is important to include the job title, location, hours of work, rate of pay and a summary of the duties you need your PA to do. You should also mention that the vacancy may be subject to a DBS check.

The final thing you should consider is how long you want your advert to run. It is normal to put a closing date on a vacancy so that you can plan the time it will take to shortlist, interview and recruit someone. However, if you are always looking for new PAs (for ad-hoc tasks or holiday cover), then you might choose to run your advert on an ongoing basis.

We have included some example adverts for you to download - found at the bottom of this page.

Advertising Options

You have a choice of where to advertise your vacancy although you may be restricted as some options cost more than others. If you receive funding from your Local Authority or NHS then you may be entitled to funding towards the costs of advertising.

PA Finder - This website, PA Finder, is a great option for you to advertise your vacancy. It is free to register and your advert will stay on our site until you find a PA or you choose to have it removed. You can also search for PAs listed on our website.

Word of Mouth - before spending lots of time, effort and money, you might want to consider if you, your family or friends already know someone who would be interested in becoming your PA.

Local Shop/Newsagent - This is a good, low cost option for reaching local people. Your advert would normally be written on a postcard and displayed in the shop window or on a display board inside the shop. Often there would be a minimal charge for a set period of days or weeks. This option might be more suitable if you are looking for a PA to do either a small number of hours or some ad-hoc tasks locally. Keep your advert to the specifics and don't put any personal information on the advert other than your contact details.

Local Newspaper - A way of reaching a larger number of people that live in your area is to advertise your vacancy in your local newspaper. These adverts can vary in size but the larger the advert the more it will cost and if you want the advert to run for a few weeks then this could turn out to be an expensive option.

Job Centre - Another option for you is to advertise in your local job centre. This option is free but it might only be seen by people who are either unemployed or by people searching for jobs on the Universal Jobmatch website.

Online Websites - The internet provides a range of options for you. There are many job search websites that you could advertise your vacancy on. Not all job search sites would be suitable and many of them will charge you to advertise but you do get a larger reach. Social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are another way of advertising your vacancy and often these are free with the ability to target particular groups or pages. Some of the classified websites such as Gumtree and Friday-Ad allow you to advertise jobs but they come at a cost and can result in agencies contacting you to fill your vacancy. For all online adverts, keep your advert to the specifics and don't put any personal information on the advert other than the required contact details.


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