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Contract for Services

If you are going to use a PA who is self-employed then you do not have to provide them with a Statement of Employment Particulars (contract of employment) as this is something that is only required if you employ them directly. However, it is sensible to have a contract in place.

A Contract for Services would normally be provided by the self employed person prior to agreeing to the work. Think of it as you would when agreeing a job with a painter and decorator - you agree to empty the room of furniture before the decorator arrives and the decorator agrees to come on an agreed date and paint your ceiling, walls and skirting in the colour you have specified. Generally the decorator will tell you how long the job will take and how much it will cost.

So, similar principles apply when recruiting a self employed PA. Ensure that you obtain from your PA, in writing, some details of the duties they will undertake so that you are both clear on what services the PA will be offering, for how long and for what rate of pay. We have provided an example Contract for Services template which you may choose to refer to.

People that are self-employed, due to being their own boss, don't have the same rights under Employment law. However, if a person is self-employed they still have protection for their health and safety and, in some cases, protection against discrimination.


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