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Statement of Employment Particulars / Contract for Services

If you are being employed as a PA then you should receive a Statement of Employment Particulars (known as a contract of employment) or, if you are self-employed, then you may choose to provide some written details of the work you've agreed to do.

Statement of Employment Particulars

This is a formal document that sets out the conditions of employment. If you are likely to be employed for 1 month or more, then you should receive the Statement of Employment Particulars within the first 2 months of your employment. However, it is often common to receive this document at the beginning of your employment so that you can agree to the terms before you start the role.

It is your employer's responsibility to draw up the Statement of Employment Particulars and the document must include particular information such as your name, their name, the hours you'll be working, place of work, etc. The following link will take you to the GOV.UK's website which sets out what your employer needs to include in this document.

If you want to read more about this, then you might find Acas useful. Acas (Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is an organisation that provides free and impartial information and advice to employers and employees on all aspects of work place relations and employment law.

  • Acas - Help and Advice for employers and employees

Contract for Services

If you are self-employed then you are your own boss and therefore you shouldn't be provided a Statement of Employment Particulars when you start work. However, you might benefit from providing details of what you have agreed to do with the person engaging your services.

There is no set template for these agreements as they are very much set out by you but typically they will include the agreed hours of work, rates of pay and the duties you'll carry out. We have a Contract for Services template available for you to refer to or use which can be found at the bottom of this page.

You, as a self-employed person, don't have the same rights under Employment law as a direct employee. However, you still have rights for the protection of your health and safety and, in some cases, protection against discrimination.


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