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Advertise Your Vacancy

If you would like to advertise your vacancy for a PA on this website then you will need to complete the form below.

Be sure to complete all sections in full and provide as much detail as you feel necessary to best describe the role that you'll be expecting your PA to do. Once you have started completing the form you are currently unable to save it and return to complete it at a later date. Therefore, we suggest reading through the Guidance Notes first.

If you experience any problems completing this form or would like additional support to complete it, then please Contact Us.

Once you have completed the form:

  • The details you provide will be stored and displayed on the PA Finder website allowing people to view it when searching for current vacancies.
  • If you find a PA on the website who you would like to have work for you, we will contact them and advise them to view your vacancy details on the PA Finder website.

Vacancy Information Form

Please note: all questions marked * are compulsory.

Guidance Notes

- This is a short statement about you and will appear on the search results page (Max 200 characters).
200 characters left
- please tell us more about yourself. This should include the information you have put in your short description and could include information about your family, any pets you have, any hobbies or social activities you do, etc. This description will be displayed in your full vacancy advert (if someone clicks on 'read more' in the initial search results).

Tell us the type of work you would like the PA to do. You can also tell us about any particular experience or other skills you need the PA to have.

- please provide any further details about particular support you require in the areas chosen above, for example, support with preparing meals, assistance to eat my meals, driving me to football matches, assist me to look after my pets, etc.
- please give details of any particular skills, qualifications or experience that your PA will need.
- please provide any other information about the locations you require your PA to work in:

Please use the table below to indicate the days and times you require a PA.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

- please provide further information about the days/times you require your PA to work, for example, fortnightly, monthly, every third Tuesday, first Monday of the month, etc.
- please provide details of the rates of pay that you'll be paying your PA and any other necessary information about payments.

The following details will NOT be displayed anywhere on the PA Finder website but will be used for administration purposes only.

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