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Advertise your Vacancy - Guidance Notes

The following guidance notes are provided to assist you in completing the vacancy information form. We have, where we feel necessary, included additional information about what you need to add when completing your form.

You will need to complete all questions/fields marked with a *. If you don't complete these fields then you'll not be able to submit the form at the end.

If you, after reading these guidance notes, still require some extra help, then please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.

Part 1: About You

This part of the form allows you to provide some information about yourself.

Your gender - Please select either 'Male' or 'Female'

Which age category are you? - Please select one of the age options provided

Are you a: - Please select whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

Advert summary - In 200 characters or less, please provide some key information about yourself/the vacancy. As this will be the first thing that a prospective PA will read, then this should include the most important things about you or your vacancy. For example, "I am a disabled woman who needs a PA to help with daily living, including driving me to the shops etc., feeding my cat and helping me to wash my hair. I do not need help with using the loo or bathing".

Full advert - Please use this section to provide more information about yourself. It doesn't need to include any particulars about what you need your PA to do as you'll cover this in Part 2. Think about what is important to you, for example, your PA needs to be comfortable with cats as you have 2 and sometimes need help caring for them or taking them to the vets; you are on medication that needs to be taken at specific times so someone organised and punctual is important to you; you have a teenage son whose activities may need to be taken in to account (flexible around meal times, etc.).

Part 2: What tasks do you require your PA to do?

This part of the form is about what you require your PA to do.

Which of the following do you require support with? - Select all of the categories that you will need your PA to support you with.

  • Personal care = support with bathing/showering, toiletting, dressing, etc.
  • Domestic assistance = Support with cleaning, cooking, filing, finances, etc.
  • Social & leisure activities = Support with getting out and about, attending meetings, participating in sport activities, etc.
  • Work or study = Support with getting to and from work, support with any tasks related to your work, etc.

Additional Information - Use this edit box to add any particular information about the tasks that you'll require your PA to do. For example: Support with dusting, help to wash my hair, driving me to the supermarket or support to respond to emails, etc.

Do you require a PA to drive? - Please select one of the options provided

Do you require your PA to use their own car? - Please choose 'yes' or 'no'. You may need to consider paying your PA expenses to cover the costs of using their car.

Skills and Experience - You should consider if there are any specific skills, experience or qualifications that you require your PA to have. For example, you might prefer to have someone who has experience with using hoists or someone who has worked with a vision impaired person in the past. You might also like to request that your PA is willing to undertake further training whilst working for you.

Part 3: Which location do you require your PA to work in?

This part of the form is for you to explain the locations in which you require your support.

Which is the main borough that you require your PA to work in? - Please select one borough to indicate where the PA will do most of their work with you. For example, if your PA will spend most of their working time at your home in Leatherhead, then select Mole Valley.

Which other boroughs do you need support in? - Please select any other boroughs where you will require your PA to work. For example, if you need support to attend an activity in Redhill and a social club in Godalming, then you would also select Reigate & Banstead and Waverley.

Additional Information - Please explain which areas (towns) you will require your PA to work in and maybe, if relevant, the reasons why. For example, "Most of my support will be at my home in Leatherhead but I will need support to attend a physio appointment at East Surrey Hospital (Redhill) and my weekly pub quiz in Godalming."

Part 4: Hours of Work and Rates of Pay

Please use the table to indicate the days and time periods you require a PA. For example, if you require a PA on Saturday from 3pm to 5pm then select the Saturday afternoon tick box. If you require your PA to work 3pm - 10pm then you would select the Saturday afternoon and evening tick boxes. There is an Additional Information box where you can specify particular times.

Do you require your PA to work - Please choose any of the options provided.

  • Full time = Someone that works with you for a regular number of hours each week. This is usually 35 - 40 hours per week
  • Part time = Someone that works with you for a shorter number of hours and can be anything between 1 and 34 hours per week
  • Occasional hours = Someone that will only work with you when you need support. This might be once a fortnight or when you need to attend the doctors
  • Live-in = Someone that stays with you in your home, usually on a 2 week on 2 week off rota. Often someone that requires a Live-in PA will require 24 hours a day support and may employ 2 or 3 staff to work with them.

Will you require your PA to work at short notice? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Will you require your PA to work during school holidays? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Additional Information - Please explain any particular hours of work or days that you will require your PA to work.

Rates of Pay - Please give details of what you will be paying your PA. If you pay a different rate of pay for evenings and weekends then you might like to explain this here.

Part 5: Further Details

This part of the form is for administration purposes only and will not be displayed anywhere on the PA Finder website.

Your Details - Please complete the following fields as listed on the form. Title refers to Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, etc.

Where did you hear about us? - Please tell us where you heard about PA Finder, this could be word of mouth, internet search, advert in your local paper, social media, etc.

Your contact at SILC (if applicable) - If you have a named contact at SILC, then please add their name to this field.

Memorable Word - Please provide a word that you will remember in this field. If you call us and wish to discuss your vacancy, then we'll use this word as a method of confirming who you are.

Confirm and Submit

Agreement of Terms and Conditions - Please tick this box to confirm that you have read and agree to the PA Finder Terms and Conditions.

Submit - Once you have completed all the necessary fields and ticked the Terms and Conditions box, then you will need to click/select submit to send your completed form to us where it'll be processed, resulting in your vacancy being displayed on the PA Finder website.