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Register as a PA - Guidance Notes

The following guidance notes are provided to assist you in completing the PA registration form. We have, where we feel necessary, included additional information about what you need to add when completing your form.

You will need to complete all questions/fields marked with a *. If you don't complete these fields then you will not be able to submit the form at the end.

If you, after reading these guidance notes, still require some extra help, then please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.

Part 1: About You

This part of the form allows you to provide some information about yourself.

Your gender - Please select either 'Male' or 'Female'.

Are you a: - Please select whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

Advert summary - This is a short statement about you and will appear on the search results page (Max 200 characters). Please provide some personal qualities that describe you. Personal qualities could include 'experienced', 'motivated', 'honest', 'good time-keeper', 'enthusiastic', etc.

Personal Statement - Please use this section to provide more information about yourself. You might like to give some information about you, your background, whether you speak different languages, etc. You might also like to explain any likes and dislikes or whether you have any allergies that would prevent you working with some people. For example, if you are allergic to pet hair then you might like to say that you are unable to work with people who have animals in their home.

Part 2: What tasks are you interested in doing as a PA?

This part of the form is about what tasks you are happy to do, whether you're willing to drive in your role as a PA and what skills, experience and qualifications you already have.

Which of the following are you interested in doing as a PA? - Select all of the categories that you are willing to support someone to do.

  • Personal care = support with bathing/showering, toiletting, dressing, etc.
  • Domestic assistance = support with cleaning, cooking, filing, finances, etc.
  • Social & leisure activities = support with getting out and about, attending meetings, participating in sport activities, etc.
  • Work or study = support with getting to and from work, support with any work related tasks, etc.

Which age group(s) are you interested in working with? - Please select which of the age categories you are willing to work for. You can tick as many as you like.

What type of driving licence do you hold? - Please choose from the options provided. This question is in relation to you holding a driving licence that allows you to drive a standard car in the UK.

Would you be prepared to use your car for work? - Please answer 'Yes' if you have your own car and are willing to use it for work or 'No' if you do not have a car or have a car but are not prepared to use it for work. If you are using your car for work then you will need to have business use on your insurance policy. You will also be able to negotiate with your employer about paying you expenses for using your car.

Skills and Experience - Please choose 'Yes' if you have previously worked as a PA or have experience in this field. Choose 'No' if you haven't worked as a PA before.

If yes, please give further details - Please use the edit field to provide details of your skills and experience. You should also mention if you have worked with people with a specific condition or impairment and any specific tasks that you have done. For example, I have experience of working with a gentleman who used a wheelchair but was able to transfer to use the toilet, get in to the car, etc.

Part 3: Which location do you want to work in?

This part of the form is for you to list the locations that you're willing to work in.

Which is the main borough that you would like to work in? - Please select one borough from the list where you would like to do most of your work. For example, if you live in Guildford and would like to work locally, then select 'Guildford' from the list.

Which additional boroughs would you be willing to work in? - Please select any other boroughs that you are willing to work in. For example, if you are willing to work in any of the surrounding boroughs to where you live (Guildford for this example), then you would select Waverley, Mole Valley, Elmbridge, Woking, Surrey Heath and Hampshire.

Additional Information - Please use this edit box to provide any specific details of the locations in which you would like to work. If you would like to work in specific towns/villages, then this is where you can put this information.

Part 4: Which days and times are you able to work?

Please use the table to indicate the days and time periods you are available to work. For example, if you are available to work Monday from 3pm to 5pm then select the Monday afternoon tick box. If you are available to work from 3pm - 10pm then you would select the Monday afternoon and evening tick boxes. There is an Additional Information box where you can specify particular days and times when your available to work.

Are you interested in working: - Please choose any of the options provided.

  • Full time = considered to be someone who works 35 - 40 hours per week (this can be more or less depending on the work and the employer)
  • Part time = considered to be someone who works fewer hours each week, usually between 1 and 34 hours per week
  • Occasional hours = considered to be someone who only works on occasions. This might be once a fortnight or supporting someone to a doctors appointment.
  • Live-in = considered to be someone who stays at the employer's home (lives in spare room). This is usually on a 2 week on 2 week off rota with another 'Live-In' employee doing the alternate weeks.

Are you prepared to work at short notice? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Are you willing to work in the school holidays? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Are you able to provide cover for sickness or holidays? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Additional Information - Please explain any particular hours of work or days that you are able or willing to work.

Part 5: Further Details

This part of the form is for administration purposes only and will not be displayed anywhere on the PA Finder website.

Your Details - Please complete the following fields as listed on the form. Title refers to Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, etc.

Are you a UK/EU citizen or eligible to work in the UK? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'. You will be required to provide evidence of this to your employer. There is further information about working in the UK in our Resources section of PA Finder.

If required, are you prepared to complete a DBS check? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'. There is further information about DBS checks in our Resources section of PA Finder.

References - Please provide the details of 2 references. Ideally the first should be your current employer or they can be personal references from someone that knows you well.

Are you happy for us to share your contact details directly to potential employers without contacting you first? - Please select 'Yes' or 'No'. If a person has read your profile and is interested in employing you, then choosing 'Yes' will avoid us needing to contact you first and therefore save time.

Where did you hear about PA Finder? - Please tell us where you heard about PA Finder, this could be word of mouth, internet search, advert in your local paper, social media, etc.

Memorable Word - Please provide a word you will remember in this field. If you call us and wish to discuss your profile, then we'll use this word as a method of confirming who you are.

Confirm and Submit

Agreement of Terms and Conditions - Please tick this box to confirm that you have read and agree to the PA Finder Terms and Conditions.

Submit - Once you have completed all the necessary fields and ticked the Terms and Conditions box, then you will need to click/select submit to send your completed form to us where it'll be processed, resulting in your PA advert/profile being displayed on the PA Finder website.